For I, Honorable Asshole Mackensey; Queer of Queers: am the Gayest Faggot, Poon of Pawns, where every other being in this World who could possibly exist out-weighs my Opinion towards any single Creature who has ever crawled on Earth before.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

*** O BC Hydro ****** O BC Hydro ***

I gis, I gist gis thch it'ch prolly boiling down to either: the John Hart Generating Station Replacement; Revelstoke Unit 6 Project; or...


(where jowel want me to create 4x the megawatts produced all by myself)

(besides = the site c clean energy project, mr. jensen)

(and I git to cornhole yis at nitetime)

Than you.

I'm gist chilnst tha poods after the life I'f had, babe.

Cupl'o more hours, and I finally get to get my rippeder on.

Thch'ch about tha sweetest thing anybody'as ever proposed to me in front of the whole wide world without me gist buying yowel, babe.

You must really wanna cornhole, mulch, mulch more than tha rest muffin'.

Jah promise = nobody'th gonna trip- the fuck out, nor you ask me 10 minits into thy shift, "Well hello, Mr. Jensen. Whatcha yah doing after-works, feel like some drinky poops weruhm_"...

And do I get to half an assistant who jots down, records on film and delegates anything I'fur say or do to the appropriate members and shareholders of BC Hydro in order for my project to be completed accordingly, properly and amidst advancuated planning whilst being documented and completely ripped outta my mind 76% of tha time_

(docket 4, paragraph 17, clause b, amendment c3p0)

At all.

I ain't making a station for Squirrels to not rape chips out of a bowl meant for birds unless I feel like it.

I'm a walking dead-person, babe.

I am gist awaiting yor rook to make a move, babe.

Any time.

(besides = I don't really half a choice, mr. jensen, you are the almighty lord god who created myself)

It alwis seams and boils down to waves of human beings crying and screaming out of control.

Gist rip yor skull into undivided pages, brother.

I'm gist makin' some french onion soup.

You gonna take care of tha farm, birds, insects'n animals when I'm gone_

You gonna take care of every farm, person, machine'n district when I'm gone_

(besides = "I gist wanna come cornhole at nitetime with my naked vagina smothering yor bare- assed dink, mr. jensen")

Mmmnnth and fuck' sakes part, babe.

Maybe I'm outta the loop or something, but everybody thinks we're gonna hit-skins and get hitched.

Tha secret wis, I added coconut slices.

It'ch from me licking behind'is ears at nitetime.

*** O C.V. ***
I basically rule at anything and/or everything a human being cid'fur hope, pray, or wish for within life itself.

*** O Jealous Babes ***
I ain't so-sure whatchowel'd be jealouth over, yid halfta neue heue to do suhm eleth in life besides wearing clothes while smearing animal grease on yor repetitive faces and for whatever tha odd reason get to eat, sleep'not shit better'n farmers to turn my crank.

It'ch all they have in life itself, CN', Donald'n Auschwitzer. Bogus Jewing.

"Worser'n Auschwitzer", babes. My neue band name.