For I, Justice Jesse James Jensen; KING of Hosts: am the Supreme Judge of Judges, Director of Directors, there are no other beings in this World who could possibly out-weigh my Judgment towards any single Person who has ever lived on Earth before.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

I'm gist taking it easy and getting a nice, relaxing, and soothing blowjob, bro' sis...

(in case jowel're wundrin' wit i'm up-to)

I prolly seam like thch dreamy-dude to everybody, as in do anything in life itself to "hang-out" wiff me or something.

Say I wis gonna talk directly to wunnuv yis. How wid thch make jowel feel_

*** O Slutssssuuuggh ***

Jowel neue what I like most aboutchowel___ Is thchew never in fact complain about being a slut; since yif thoroughly accepted thch thch'ch all y'are and will ever be in life itself. Unlike the contradictory, oblivious, meaningless, embarrassing, stunted, retarded and useless walking meat and bone virus skeleton whores whom complain about being objectified from men and often tend to jump at the first and every single opportunity or chance they can by spreading their wings for any cheap, sleazy, and swanky magazine thch'ch'ver been printed. So it disney really say much about: them, their companions, nor bloody counterpartsyo. Yah follow


I'm gist makin' some sweet- assed nobody cid even begin to afford special for din-dins, bro' nun. In case yowel're dreaming about my perfect bumhole again.

I neue. I really, really, do. Neue, babes. Thchowel're gist sittin' there awaiting those magical words on scream. But in Al-Honesty. How bad dyowel wanna place those lips of yors on anything of mine_

"Mmm" and "shit" in between bites, babes. Thch'ch all I can really say.

It'ch gist plain ole' me, babes. Checkmating anything thch'ch ever moved or crawled within one sentence as per uje.

So the very next time some sleazy-cunt contradicts herself with what I gist said = infinite amount of years burning in tha blazing furnace crying and screaming. Since yowel're obviously far more unique, smarter and beautiful than any other woman who'as ever lived or possessed a human body in order to get a regular contribution-wised positively outstanding job like anybody elth.

*** O Katy ***
How're yah gonna tell tha whore wide world all at once thch, "I'm right in love with this dude and I kinda and maybe totally want'im to impregnate meyo"_

(or maybe don't even mention who I am gist say something like, "how widjowel feel if i"...)

Neue looking back, babes.

Only looking towards the afterlife.

Gist heading on over to tha market or my homebase fridge and pantry I like to caller in case yer gist plain ole' drooling at the mouth thinking about me again.

*** O Prefuse ***

It'ch okay, brother. It'ch gist tha birds tripping out to my signalling and presence as per uje.

Yowel have to be ready when I sting anything thch'ch moved or crawled.

I'm still about a month away before I start better destroying anything I'fer destroyed of mine in life itself, bro'.

I'm gist "mmm and shit" ing again inther words.

I don't really neue how elth to explainer, it gist feels good, brother. For so many reasons.

When tears gist naturally start streaming down my face, I neue thch I'm on tha right track.

Jyowel only ever get to listen to tha old-school while I keep creating tha neue, bo' ner. However, whatever, and whenever I feel like it.

(those absolute favorite moments in time of yowels's where yah feel like you akchewally neue me in perthon or whatever...)