For I, Justice Jesse James Jensen; KING of Hosts: am the Supreme Judge of Judges, Director of Directors, there are no other beings in this World who could possibly out-weigh my Judgment towards any single Person who has ever lived on Earth before.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

Why I why O dear lord do I still seam to give mankind a slite chance in my brain, thch wunnuv yah'll akchewally be different than the rest








as many chickens you have ever consumed within yor fucking life, bitch and any person who has ever had the unique pleasure of assassinating themselves with you.

Gist rip in half any human being right in front of their significant other, brother.

I spread my wings and dislocate the sockets of any human being who'as ever wished to be born.

I grab yor wrists in front of the woman human being you had sex with and recently spawned an ugly lil' mini me and then I dislocate yor sockets right in front of what I gist said.

Yowel obviously gist do not seam to understand what I am talking about, so say yor prayers, hope and wish thch you were never even born.

I am ready to go, brother and I ain't so sure about you.

Every crumble of my footsteps only furthermore instills tha fudge between woman human being'snatches and legs, bro' sis.

I royally fucked myself over, Leo. Where anywhere I go, peep' say shit like, "well hello, mr. jensen you can have anything in tha store for free or tha store itself, and what are you doing afterlater_".

*** O SONY ***
Best of the best, babes. Although it disney mean jowel get to suck my dink.

(you have kate upton to deal with who wid rip yer hair right out of yor skull if you even had the near thot about thinking about me)

I love the word "fuck", Marty.

The worst sentence any human being could ever fathom within life itself.

You ain't me.

Slice yor wrists, babes. Unless you admit defeat and commit suicide. One or the other.

I am glad that some bogus jew cunt sitting in New York is scared to die.

Because I ain't scared of what happens during the afterlife.

And I am glad, gladder than glad that I can akchewally type this shit.

I am literally sick and tired with and of human beings ole' Mother Earth and irrigate the ground they walk on.

Flood yorself until they no-longer exist.

Flood yorself until woman human beings slice blood out of their wrists.

Everytime I see a photo of a human being only furthermore indicates my hatred towards mankind.

Proud specimens, bro^ zilch.

The death of humankind and they post photos of themselves dying.

Implement the nicest thing I'ver said since I posted last.

Everybody' gonna take it easy.

Neue Mr. Jensen, I have worked my whole life to see you.

Come on competitive viruses and I will have the woman human being you had something to do with, brother.

The problem is quick solved relief is that I am the almighty lord god who created anything anything cid ever comprehend within life itself...

I am glad, glad thch you feel like a stunted cunt, babe.

Woman Human Beings wanna. As in they gist wanna have sex with me.

(thaid pay money to sleep with me for once)

*** O the You don't neue How to Spend Money versus the Paper Tickets You Bought them with Wish List ***
Yeah I'm gonna.

*** O tha Chick Who Called Me Right Before ***
Alwis remember in documented history, babe.

Human Beings witnessed me jamming with tha birds and any creature ever created including themselves...

Every creature ever created constantly dreams about me every waking second.

Yowel'ver cornholed some chick when buddy' the other room_

Katy cornholed tha living shit outta me in front of everybody, babe.

I'm not sapposed tah be around woman human beings, bro' nun. From neue on.

Jan St. Werner he dreams about me.

I gotta go out in public again, babe. Where woman human beings will be.

When you whackoff in a cupl'o minutes, babe. Alwis remember.

(thch is my fucking boyfrend)

I showed my asshole in front of everybody, babe.

"Jimi is in tha house tonight".

Please tha fuck, everything ever created already neues thch Bella wints to have sex with me.

(besides = yeah she does, brother)

Fucked- faggot, babe.

Listen to me, bitch. I neue thcher scrambling like a demon chasing light.

And as many shades of lipstick you smear disney change the fact of me showing my derriere.

Everybody feels the exact same way, babe. Akchewally devouring and finally feasting yor bleeding eyeballs out on me. It disney make any proper sense.

Jowel see what a proper gentleman I truly am. Preventing woman human beings from committing suicide.

The problem is; is thch I'm gist the most . any woman cid ever jerkoffover.

For those who missed it, gist imagine me pulling a "Jessica Alba" kneading right in front of drooling- assed staring woman human beings.

I gist love being tha dirtiest flirt any already- broken hearted woman shall'ver dream over, bro' sis.

Buddy ran over my foot with tha Bobcat and sounds of already busted bones breaking ricocheted throughout the valley dint even phase me, babe.

And then every creature ever spawned looked at me thch way again.

*** O tha You gist wanna See Yor Name in Lites on My Buthday Wish List ***