For I, Jesse James Jensen am not only The-ALMIGHTY Lord GOD but am Jesse James Jensen himself.
^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

Jowel neue when peep' take on something neue besince thair bored tha shit right out of the past. Until the future creeps-up on'em and suddenly real- tha fuck ass ize thch they also have "those" prior obligations one must tend to where and before their feeble brains implode_ Well thch'ch mulch, mulch like me and pain. The more I take-on tha rest seamsta go away until it surprisingly attacks the living shit outta yis and comes back one day.

"Qu^te of Quentons, May 22, 2020".

I'm a workin' on'er, babes. O a workin'...