For I, Justice Jesse James Jensen; KING of Hosts: am the Supreme Judge of Judges, Director of Directors, there are no other beings in this World who could possibly out-weigh my Judgment towards any single Person who has ever lived on Earth before.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

I'm sitting here real- the fuck izing: If I gist stay away from woman human beings for the next 40 or 50 -years thch "I'll make it", bro' sis.

(because they cid alwis date-rape drug me, record it on film and then I'd be even fuckeder)

Hey munchie, I mite half to go out in public later.

I'm wearing those jeans. The ones. The ones where any creature on earth wint mind smelling my bumhole.

So jowel start better finish whackingoff by the time I get homeyo.

I went in seek of a neue pear of headphones, but got a lil' distracted along tha way, babe.

The bridge wis flooded, so Johnny swam across and opened tha door all by'imself.

"Life of Johnny and Jesse" gotta be the best mini-series I'fur been writing, Sofia.

And I sit here and furthermore contemplate to myself as'e cleans'imself'ff, "am I really gonna spend a thousand+bucks on a set of headphones thch I'll gist endup ruining anyways_".

And I still got dinner to make, flood/suicide/consoling prevention control, getting ripped outta my mind, ruining thy existing headphones even more, juggling machinery/architecture repairs, avoiding Walt Disney World, and planning the next century in advance tah go, bro' zilch.

I'm taking my sweet- assed time preparing myself and the whore wide world bit by bit by gathering allah tha essential materials, ingredients and equipment I truly need first and foremost to ruin anything I'fur ruint in anything' life itself before I even begin processing what I gist said, bro' sis.

So in tha meantime, date^rape drug me the most, babes...

Yowel start better buying as many boxes of kleenex jowel can before stock runs out.

It'ch gist wunno those anverything I'fur made seams and tastes like garbage again moments, no' pun.

Remembs wham yowels's wis kids and Ravioli in a can tasted like no other_, well mine' like porking Claudia Schiffer thch very first time you ever smelt thch smell and saw'er face for and at the same time in thch advertisement versus the rest of tha pages.

W'honetly loves me tha most, where you wint mind either seeing my face every- waking second; for bidness or pleasure, co' sis_

You either gist dream about me "showing up at the office, castle, or breakfast table" every morning.

*** O Sennheiser ***
I'm gist charging a set of Apple' before I drop a head, pho' ne.

Yowel start better getting on yer knees and can't waiting to smell my asshole.


Not some slutty cunt thch eats McDonald's who feels like committing suicide in front of the human race either.

A bunch of retarded assholes who do not quite seam to understand what metal and air means or something.

I wid most certainly enjoy and thoroughly like tha most to have an argument with anybody on earth who wid love to argue.

Everyday is one day closer to the human race being extinct.

Snap yor fucking skull virus right in front tha birds, coyotes, and any creature thch'ch'ver moved or crawled or bled in front of me for me to consume.

And if i feel this way, I can only imagine everybody else.

I'm gist halfing some coffee and dreaming about getting a real set of audio tools, bro' sis.

I'll use'm until I ruin'm, so witch ones_

(besides tha ones)

How O how O dear lord I'm akchewally able to be me at this point' even beyond me.

Gist gettin' comfortable my neue digs, and then I'm going to murder any song ever propagated.


Gist begging to get ripped outta mynd again, jen' senn.

*** O every Record Label and Last Thing on Earth Who wint mind Squashing My Derriere ***
Jowelfta speak with Ligtitia and see wit she'as storked.

I'm about to melt my computer.

I'm looking at this fifty- thousand dollar box.

As many time'as I say, "you are sleeping in yor well- deserved and earned bed", Johnny the Cat still stares and awaits, crawling through mud and water to reech my crotch for him to pound.

*** O Paris ***
Why O why O don'tcha real- the fuck ize, part. And say I did = letchew gimme one, how happy wid thending be than_

(whilst I make midner)

Jowel shid gist be glad thchowel're oblivious in tha cranium. If saw things the whey I do, yid never, ever wanna be me.

Every woman human being on earth wint mind halfing sex with me, babe.

Hercules' my neue nickname around tha farm.

M18 FUEL™ Metal Cutting Circular Saw, best thing I'fur got since yesterday or wets.

*** O Wave of Human Beings uncontrollably Crying and Screaming out of Control before I even Enter the Arena ***

Kim and Paris're gonna work it out much like any responsible human beings.

Brussel Sprouts and Spinach.

Listen to me, cunt' face. Yif already gotta gorgeous dude pounding yor snatch.

I'm gist giving you one e-kiss down tha throat and thch'ch it, babe.

She wis gist a skippin' right down that merry road
Playing hopscotch with a looped jump rope

And then some perverted asshole jumped out of his vanity
Took tha gal inside and not only stole a rather tite assed vagina

But he also stole her bloody virginity
And he also stole one's messy dignity

Stole the ground
She enjoyed walking on, skipping on, jumping on, having fun on

Bouncing on
With Beach Balls