For I, the most cornholable Individual on Earth, am thoroughly awaiting to get raped by any woman who'as ever had a vagina.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

*** O Until Thear Heirs ***
Bleed buckets full of smokey bubblegum tears and eyeballs, brother.

Raped in the fuckin' cornhole!


*** O ***

*** O Wisney, Babe ***
Gist Wisney...

Yor the most beautiful woman on Earth, babe. So it Disney™ say mulch about me.

I'm not being the meanie asshole part, but do you have any scars or blemishes....

*** O I'm fucked for life, Babe ***

I'm a normal person.

Thch cunt, thch fucking cunt at BC Hydro.

I feel naked without my DEWALT Kneepads.