For I, Honorable Asshole Mackensey; Queer of Queers: am the Gayest Faggot, Poon of Pawns, where every other being in this World who could possibly exist out-weighs my Opinion towards any single Creature who has ever crawled on Earth before.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

*** O Thch Wis Me, Babes ***

Making that KORG thing cry and everybody elelth in tha store.

Diatch the poon and cizorn^ hizole, babes.

If yowel were me, you wint wanna be me, not "be- like me", but you wint wanna be me since everybody eleth seams gay tha shit compared to me. So it disney really say much about me being me in the end.

Where all you wanna do in life itself is scour tha aisles and grab another Milwaukee Tool thch wisn't even created yet right off the top shelfs while any woman human being ever spawned feels tha need to make derogatory and vulgar comments directly to yor face and everybody eleth in their nearest proximities.

And I then get to sleep naked with tha most beautiful cats ever swindled on my buthday and not anybody eleth.

I ain't sick of retarded- assed asshole human beings posting photos of another what I gist said wearing sunglasses expressing their non-existent soulless emotions to me everytime I post a character.

The way I look at Human Beings; as in = I cid only ever hope and wish thch I never even thought of them within the first place.