For I, Honorable Asshole Mackensey; Queer of Queers: am the Gayest Faggot, Poon of Pawns, where every other being in this World who could possibly exist out-weighs my Opinion towards any single Creature who has ever crawled on Earth before.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

Woman Human Beings're useless, condescending, manipulative, and're good at spreading butter, making babies and as well're repuslively disgusting virus' creatures, bro' zilch.

*** O ***
For the whom enabled the to deliver many, many Intermodal Containers stuffed with to my doorstepGal*.


I'm already thinkin' about my bare- assed cock being smothered by yor bare- assed cunt and my bare- assed nuts busting against'er bare- assed asshole thas Friday, bro' sis.

*** O The Human Beings You Wint Mind Putting Out Of Their Miseries List ***
(besides = 99.993% of the papulation...), bro' nun.

Watch'em'll scramble'n reach for help, babe.

Fuck, babe. After busting my perfect nuts into yor tite- assed bleeding gunt again whilst massaging those plump and round figured breasts of mine during thyst cum-storm, I can'not help but sit here and think about thaftermath and to myself how bloody pathetic every woman human being on earth seams to me. Everybody neues thchew're tha most beautiful and richest chick to'fur crawl or exist on the ground I created, but obviously don't real- the fuck ize thch they gist seam like even more cheesebag- like and mangy douchebag savages humping thair ugly- assed gruesome boyfriends to stay aliveyo.

(besides = nah mean_)

Broke- ass nigger jew annoying whores'll be sent to a concentration camp, Donald.

I gotta give jowel 'sum' redeeming- credit wear all due credibility is at steak and due, babes; being a "supermodel" in 2018 pretty much means thchew gist barely skimmed thedge of not becoming a papular movie actress, pornstar nor prostitute.

*** O ***
I redesigned it, homey. Until it cint even be re- designed anymore, and when yisl's out on tha course, you gist dream about my perfect derriere and sing those favorite songs of mine inside yor cranium whilst birds be chirping lullabies alongsidejis amongst slottering any golf player who'as ever had the unique pleasure of swinging a club, ace.

(besides = gotcha, mrs. jensen'n I swear'n promithchew'll only'n'fur gist be my "caddy", wo' man)

*** O It'ch Okay, Babe ***
I'vent forgotten aboutchis, sweetheart. Sofia' buthy bee giving me a greasy face, rub'n'tug, everybody'well aware and already neues thchit I am thalmighty LORD-God so they gist kinda leaf me alone and take credit for my original creativity and getton witheir wifes.