For I, Honorable Asshole Mackensey; Queer of Queers: am the Gayest Faggot, Poon of Pawns, where every other being in this World who could possibly exist out-weighs my Opinion towards any single Creature who has ever crawled on Earth before.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

I ain't sapposed tah talk to another woman human being'fur again if I wid continuously appreciate getting my dink-stained, babes.

Anybody elth love tha living shit right outta me moron the rest_

Anybody elth gonna rub one out tonite and think about me right before yah biff_

Fucked' thing wis, bro' sis. I'so bloody ripped outta my mind I don't even remember heue any of thch shit happened.

Listen to me, bitch. It ain't a free-pass to get inside my ginch. I have terms and condomitions where you cannot make everybody elth "leave tha room immediately" and pouce my naked crotch.

Yah dig_

Maybe I'm in the same boat where you got like a McMillion viewers thinkin' thch you're taking to them, but really yer gist dreaming about stuffing my dink as deep as humanly possible into yor vagina.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Dream about my dink until dinks cint even be fathomed.

(besides = hees tha greatest musician to ever scrape the earth, asshole)

Watch this, watch this = hole in one hole in one right after cleaning-up any trophy I'fur made.

I sit here and imagine, 'everybody enjoys hitting skins, so why O why O dear me wint they rather fudge pack my rearend'.

O for fuck' sakes I gist pressed play again.

When I see, O when I see those CN conducted trains roll by with a bunch of fancy (not quite' fancy as mine, tho) logos plastered on the intermodal containers, Leo. I gist cannot help but wonder, ponder and fancy what mite be inside of those rectangular shaped boxes holding the freights.

*** O CN' Dotter ***
I get my dink-nailed enough already by somebody elth, babe.

Yor galfrend at BC Hydro' been swindling as many plant' she cin grab to get inside thyst panties.

Nobody elth noticed besides my bro' nun who feed the entire papulation from those double stacked containers to block me off going toward the stward nor dock.

At all.

And I sappose, I gist sappose thch'ch what everybody' on earth been hintoning toward me since the dawn of time where humankind been at war over who' uglier than the rest, when all of a sudden, for I, the almighty creator of anything ever created shows off my perfect everything.

I'll gist keep pounding anything until I am dead, bro' sis.

And then I get to go home. And I can't say the same for the rest of yis.

Filck on the lights during tha morning, bro' sis.

Somebody prevent me from walking rightha fuck out and igniting human beings to death.

Chippy Chips.

*** O for Fuck' Sakes, Leo ***

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets tha hose again be tempted to cornholem, so instead I gist bottem instead, brother.


Say I um, perhaps redesigned anything thch'ch'fur moved or crawled are jowel gonna look at me thch way in the morning_

(besides = one thing I do neue is thchew in fact half a dink mr. jensen and not a vagina and thch'ch about all I can dream about every waking second in life itself besides yor other side, wo' man)

*** O Donald ***
You cin rape my life-saving'as many times'as you feel blessed, brother.