For I, Honorable Asshole Mackensey; Queer of Queers: am the Gayest Faggot, Poon of Pawns, where every other being in this World who could possibly exist out-weighs my Opinion towards any single Creature who has ever crawled on Earth before.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

Anybody elth ever noticed how every woman on earth wint mind scraping a lil' piece of my rocket launcher


Why O why O dear lord wid any person who'as ever existed gist seam like an ugly, usually angry for thch exact same reason, gross and stupidly grade 3 in tha cranium whilst dictatoring somebody elelth'th every maneuver in life itself bother me


Not thch any of yis'll really ever get what I'm talking about, but jowel neue what I mean at the same time...

*** O BCiatch ****** O BCiatch ***

Let'see how large I can make the root-ball, babe.

It'ch more like Evergreen Magnolias, we' tads.

I ain't cornholing yis anymore, babe. Yor brain-surgeon husband' tha one who put mine back together after Tourlain't.

Yeah, fuck it. The white miniskirt.

*** O' Range ***
It'ch gist me, babes.

Fly the fucking coke not only to the aeroplane, but tha electricity itself, hey' brothers.

Knack, knack, knack, Leo; until I don't even have limbs anymore nor a smile upon my decrepit young body'd face.

This one lil' bird constantly needs my attention and acknowledgement of'is existence.

Olive tha time I think and look at my wrists, babes. The emerald ones.

Notice anything unusually obscure in this photo_

It'ch only a 15th century ming dynasty dish for my neue birdhouse, bro' zilch.

It gist helps me dream about my own shit and what I cin do wiff it.

*** O Friday ***
Th^ most, babes.

Who'd on over_

*** O Dutch Boy ***
I fancy tasty things.

I don't even neue heue I made allo those beats, bro' sis.

(besides = the part where jowel start better listening to'em one after thother)

Anynobody eleth cry tha shit upon thinking about my assed- ass_

I gist gotta get it outta me, "greedy in tha chip-bowl".

*** O ***
I showed-up at this event and everybody wis like, "how come Milwaukee is here___", pro' fun. Me being me or whatever... Is my name not Jesse James Jensen or something_

So I gis, I gist gis thch I'm gonna make a cupl'o chicken-egg and cheese sandwiches wiff artisan Organic Kamut ® Bread wuntz allo me batteries're fully charged and placed accordingly into their respective drawers, bro' nun.

B^gger than Jesus or the Beatles combined.

You gotta givem some sort of unique credit, no' joke. Thail only'fur be staring at human beings wearing tha clothes made from and not the manufacturers themselfs of said garments.

Kinda neat, a photo of anything I'fur mad3, hey bro' sis.

Better Album Title than ever; "Land of Three- Year Olds".

Bester Album Title than everest; "Living Tissue- Stainless Steel".

I'm gist gonna letter rip until I disney feel like ripping anymore.

Yowel'fur gout in public and constantly have people screaming, "O MY GOD!" atchew_

*** O History ***
You din't exist.

*** O Everybody Eleth ***
Gist chilnst tha poods, getting my rippeder and boner goin' until I put those headphones on later.


Bullets in my brains th^ most, babes...

I gist purely enjoy ruining my perfect body thch chicks cream their panties over, no' noun.