For I, Justice Jesse James Jensen; KING of Hosts: am the Supreme Judge of Judges, Director of Directors, there are no other beings in this World who could possibly out-weigh my Judgment towards any single Person who has ever lived on Earth before.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

Lemme see yor bare- assed naked vaginas then, babes.

If you wanna "get" my compliance.

Take'm all off and with yor right hand and phone capture thch photo behind a mirror. And show tha restaurant.

Especially if you wanna be 'scene' in public wiv me.

You mite be thinking to one's- lonely, horny and vulnerable self, "am I really gonna do this, man_", and me; 'yeah y'are, sister''.

(besides = "if this' what it takes to get inside'is panties...")

Anybody elth wanna cornhole wisney_

Me and those riffs, bro' nun.

The only thing preventing jowel from distributing them photos for tha whole wide world to see, babes. Wid be = uploading'em to some cheesy website. And posting the shit.

I'm gist gonna take as much of my sweet- assed free time as I possibly can and feel like it procombing tha neue one before releasing'er where yowel're plain ole' entirely sick and tired of listening to the rest muffin over and over.

How many tissues jowel got_


Anyimte, babes. Any time.

Just post another photo of a human being.

Just one more fucking photo.

(besides = "it'ch the only way I neue how to survive mr. jensen, being a useless cunt")

Useful for being a useless unappreciative cunt- assed fucking douche bagged slutty whore cock sucker who'll be replenishing and revitalizing ole' mother earth into her original state.

Argue, bros. Yor slimy fuck-toy is at stake.

Go fuck the ugliest faggot who'as ever crawled, babes. Since thch'ch all yer gonna get in life.

So it disney really say much about you.

Live with it, babes. Live with it until you are dead.