For I, the most cornholable Individual on Earth, am thoroughly awaiting to get raped by any woman who'as ever had a vagina.

^^^ Just making sure that everyone understands the rules, regulations and realities.

Everytime I go through it, I truly feel as though thch I'm literally about to get raped by anywoman who'as ever had a vagina (or dude)...

So. All I can really do within life itself is prepare tha world for the:

*** O ***

Hey welface. How's it goin'?

I'm gist so bloody glad thch I ain't anybody eleth.

Not only a welfare looking and as well but especially a financially decrepit human being.

Truth, babes... I'd cornhole yah wuntz and never wanna talk to yis again. If jowel cin live wiv thch, a raisin = a sorry- ass grape of hands.

Sometimes I forget about being thabsolute greatest person at anything, but I don't think everybody eleth ever dis.

In my dreams I get raped by any woman reading this.

I'm glad, babes. Glad every woman'n dude' earth admitted thchowel ''wint mind'' tapping yors or my ass...

Most peep' cint even afford to buy one lo n behold producem, bro' nun.